Website Quick Guide – How to set up a thumbnail in WordPress

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Understand it Setting up a thumbnail
Why do I need to do it? Using a thumbnail is a good way to make your visitors want to click on the new post of page.
Where to Find it Dashboard > Pages
How to Do it Link an image to a document.
  • Go to Pages.
  • Open the Page you want to add the thumbnail to and select edit.
  • Put your cursor in the text box in the Page.

  • Select the Add Media above the text box.
  • Select the image you wish to use from the Media Library.

Note: if it not there;

  • Select upload files and upload the image from where it has been located.
  • Select File and select Choose.
  • Once the picture has been uploaded it will be located your Media Library.
  • In Attachment details you can give the image a new name under Title and describe the image under ALT text.
  • Select the image you have uploaded or that is already in the Media Library.
  • If the image is two big you can change Attachment Display Setting under Size, select thumbnail 150 x 150
  • Choose the image Insert into page.
  • Highlight the image and select the Link button on the Toolbar.

  • This will offer you a place to type in or paste the URL underneath.

  • Select Preview changes to check.
  • Remember to align with text.
  • If all is well select Update.

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