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Digital Products

Phew has created a suite of digital products designed specifically with Healthcare and Safeguarding organisations in mind. These enable them to better manage processes, unlock data, and improve outcomes.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Tailored to our client’s specific needs, we provide agile LMS and eLearning products that have been developed to save our clients valuable time and resources. To read more about our LMS, please click here.

Online Audit System

A credible and proven integrated Audit System, suitable for any type of local or regional audit. Designed to deliver greater efficiencies to Board and Partnership Administrators as well as participants, this Audit tool can be used for all your different regulatory and best practice audits, including Sections 11 and 175. To read more about our Audit tool, please click here.

Patient Discharge Management System (PDMS)

Phew’s innovative Patient Discharge Management System provides a central store of real-time patient data to inform the current discharge status and manage the pathway of a patient’s discharge to optimise bed usage. To read more about the PDMS, please click here.

Website design and development

Phew have been developing professional, user-friendly websites for the past twenty years. They are custom made for a wide variety of sectors, including Safeguarding, Healthcare, other public sector organisations and SMEs. To read more about our websites, please click here.

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