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Patient Discharge Management System

Are you leading the way forward to solving your patient discharge delays?

Phew’s innovative Patient Discharge Management System provides a central store of real-time patient data to inform the current discharge status and manage the pathway of a patient’s discharge to optimise bed usage.  Placing Discharge Managers firmly back in control, through a ‘live’ online system accessed through hand-held mobile devices as well as desktops; this system aims to reduce bed bottlenecks, aids early strategic planning and facilitates the collective co-operation of all parties concerned with discharge and aftercare.

To help us understand your specific challenges and to develop our product further, we are working hard to build commercial relationships within trusts who are embedding the DPTL and ECIST model.

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We have been working with NHS England to support trusts in reducing their length of stay. One of which (Luton & Dunstable University Hospital  NHS FT) has reduced their LoS from 3.5 days to 2.7 days, which equates to 14,000 additional admissions in just 9 months.

Phew’s innovative PDMS provides a central store of real-time patient data to inform the current discharge status and manage their pathway, reducing the Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC).

Inputting, disseminating and reporting information in ‘real-time’, means that decisions can be made with confidence, in crucial time-frames.  Situation Reports (SITREP) and Patient Tracking Lists (PTL) that were taking a band 7 staff member hours every week; are now available at the touch of a button.

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Phew has been working closely with Luton & Dunstable University NHS FT to implement an online Patient Discharge Management System which is a central store of real-time information that informs the patient’s status.

Prior to the development of the Patient Discharge Management System in conjunction with ‘Phew’, L&D used Excel spreadsheets to create a Patient Tracking List (PTL), documents and reports for the Hospital and Local Authorities.  To download the full case study, please click here.

Child Hospital


  • Online tool to collect and report patients’ status based on ECIST codes.
  • Non-clinical system, a tool to help solve communication problems.
  • Supporting the agreement of a single status of a patients delay.
  • A central store of real-time patient information.
  • An immediate management view.
  • More efficient methods of status recording for staff.
  • Filters for discharge priorities e.g. medically fit or care home.
  • The ability to report at patient, ward, LA or CCG levels.
  • The flexibility to administer from desktop or hand-held mobile devices.
Discharge Planning
Discharge Planning


  • Clearer picture of regular pinch-points and process.
  • Minimises delays in admissions.
  • Reduces cancellations of surgical procedures.
  • Takes pressure off A & E.
  • Limits customer dissatisfaction.
  • Better health outcomes.
  • Reduction in future admissions.