Patient Discharge Management System

Phew’s innovative Patient Discharge Management System provides a central store of real-time patient data to inform the current discharge status and manage the pathway of a patient’s discharge to optimise bed usage.  Placing Discharge Managers firmly back in control, through a ‘live’ online system accessed through hand-held mobile devices as well as desktops; this system aims to reduce bed bottlenecks, aids early strategic planning and facilitates the collective co-operation of all parties concerned with discharge and aftercare.

Phew has been working closely with Luton & Dunstable University NHS FT to implement an online Patient Discharge Management System which is a central store of real-time information that informs the patient’s status.

Prior to the development of the Patient Discharge Management System in conjunction with ‘Phew’, L&D used Excel spreadsheets to create a Patient Tracking List (PTL), documents and reports for the Hospital and Local Authorities.  To download the full case study, please click here.

PDMS Data table


  • Online tool to collect and report patients’ status based on ECIST codes.
  • Non-clinical system, a tool to help solve communication problems.
  • Supporting the agreement of a single status of a patients delay.
  • A central store of real-time patient information.
  • An immediate management view.
  • More efficient methods of status recording for staff.
  • Filters for discharge priorities e.g. medically fit or care home.
  • The ability to report at patient, ward, LA or CCG levels.
  • The flexibility to administer from desktop or hand-held mobile devices.
PDMS Presentation


  • Clearer picture of regular pinch-points and process.
  • Minimises delays in admissions.
  • Reduces cancellations of surgical procedures.
  • Takes pressure off A & E.
  • Limits customer dissatisfaction.
  • Better health outcomes.
  • Reduction in future admissions.

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