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Coordinate multi-agency safeguarding training events and courses with ease


Phew's LMS is built to make a big social impact. The software system is proven to save safeguarding professionals time and resources, adding to a Board or Partnership's value and efficiency.

Over 40 Safeguarding Boards use our Learning Management System to easily:

  • Set up, run and evaluate multi-agency safeguarding training events and courses
  • Easily demonstrate the impact on a child for Ofsted evaluations
  • Evaluate learners’ knowledge and confidence pre-and post-training

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Learning Outcomes Evaluation tool


Measure the effectiveness and productivity of each event or course effortlessly with our Learning Outcomes Evaluations tool. With this tool, you have the option to send out pre and post-course evaluations to all delegates and line managers.


Part of our Events and Training System, this intelligent points-based system will score the learning gain from each event, to produce easily comparable results.


  • Fully integrated with the Events and Training System.
  • Capacity to capture feedback on all aspects of the event.
  • Choice of multiple question formats and types.
  • Clear and logical reports/statistics for each event.
  • Option to send up to three post-event and one-line manager’s evaluations.

eLearning module (optional)


  • An invaluable central hub for all event booking, resources and reporting.
  • Delegates permitted to book courses and access certificates.
  • Administrator can easily build or upload training resources and download pre/post-event reports.


All your bespoke online learning courses can be delivered with this flexible platform designed to fully integrate with our Events and Training system, offering you a dynamic suite of tools that include bookings, learning histories, resources and certificates.


The eLearning module features a user friendly site layout and structure and is compatible with all devices including mobiles and tablets.

Save time and money

Whatever report you need is available at the push of a button, allowing you to focus on more meaningful work.


Fill last-minute seats

Our intelligent waiting list ensures that delegates won't miss out on courses by allowing last minute seats from cancellations to be filled.

Diverse attendance

Ensure that multi-agency bookings are organisationally representative by limiting the number of attendees per single group


Update records easily

Printable delegate registration form or QR Reader allows you to easily record attendees in the way that suits you best.

Total control

Post event certificates and training history with the option to hold certificates or progression if feedback forms are not completed.


Monitor learning gains

Easily monitor the learning gain of your attendees to report the true impact of the training sessions on your stakeholders. 

The changing landscape of training
Our 2021/22 calendar currently has 145 sessions (and growing), which will enable us to train 29,000 professionals. This would not have been possible without the Phew LMS system. It makes it incredibly simple to automate and manage the process of booking and evaluating courses, especially with such high numbers, and saves us a significant amount of time. I would highly recommend Phew’s LMS system to other Safeguarding Children Partnerships.

Sam Smith

Learning and Improvement Coordinator at Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

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