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Online auditing and reporting tool

A leading software developer working with the Safeguarding sector since 2007, Phew understands the specific needs and requirements of both Children and Adult Boards or Partnerships, as well as the many challenges faced. Pooling our knowledge gained through the close relationships with over 40 Safeguarding Boards/Partnerships across the UK; we have developed a credible and proven integrated Audit System suitable for any type of local or regional audit.

Designed to deliver greater efficiencies to administrators as well as participants, this Audit system can be used for all of your different regulatory and best practise audits such as Section 11 and 175 joint commissioning and improvement tools.

Online auditing and reporting tool


  • Range of re-active question types.
  • Complete self-management.
  • Organisations and participants can pool information, producing reports more efficiently that improve performance and make auditing easy.
  • Increased competence through the simplicity of administration and reporting, save Board’s/Partnership’s time and resources – reducing ongoing costs.
  • Immediate automated reports and graphs that detail an organisation’s actions and progress.
  • Enhanced usability through ‘Stop and Save’ functionality.
  • Flexible costs that are suitable for all Boards/Partnerships, adapted to work around specific requirements.
  • Highest levels of compliance.
Online auditing and reporting tool
Online auditing and reporting tool

Enhanced functionality for Boards/Partnerships and participants

Easily managed through the Safeguarding Board’s/Partnership’s own site and communicated quickly via email to partners and participants; Phew’s Audit System saves time and resources.   Offering enhanced flexibility, the system also provides extensive reports by audit, organisation type and respondent.

Phew provides a step-by-step guide to support the registration process and the straightforward display and functionalities, allow both Board/Partnership Aadministrators and system users to navigate the site with ease.

Stop and save functionality

All organisations completing an audit will have the option to save their progress then return to and update it at any time until submission.  Ease of use, functionality and time management is key to user engagement, so the system’s pre-population of original answers to save time on future audits, are a popular choice.

Question flexibility

We offer multiple question formats and the option to group questions per section if required, using any combination of the following questions parts:

  • Title
  • Summary/Rationale
  • Description
  • Evidence – option to upload documents – of restricted size (optional)
  • Actions required – multiple entries; title; target date (optional)
  • Self-assessment rating
  • Board/Partnership assessment rating
  • Free-form answer (optional)


The system provides a detailed reporting suite and will automatically produce the following reports:

  • Per organisation – visible to both the Board/Partnership administrators and the organisation completing it, including an action report and a spidergram of progress.
  • Per audit – visible to the Board/Partnership administrators only showing total not started, total started and total completed.
  • Per completed audit – a graphical and a contact report.

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