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Why Phew

Founded in 2001 by owner and Managing Director Matthew Burgess, Phew has evolved over the years from principally website development into a company that offers a full suite of software products, predominantly to the public, healthcare and safeguarding sectors.

Based in offices at Bedford Technology Park in Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, sited on a decommissioned airfield, the team have plenty of room to grow and a great space to welcome clients.


“I’m immensely proud of what we do, especially when solving specific problems for our customers that make lives easier. Feedback is pivotal to help us improve our service to current and future clients and fundamentally underpins our ethos of continued development and best-practice.”

Matthew Burgess, Managing Director, Phew

We scored 9 out of 10!

Our client surveys give us invaluable insights into what we are doing well and what we could do better. We are delighted with an average score of 9 out of 10 for the Net Promotor® – which is considered world-class!

While pleased with the initial response, rest assured that we will continue tracking how effectively we are implementing our core values and commitment to your customer experience. Read some of our customer’s feedback on our Support page.

Working together

Sharing knowledge and best-practice through collaborations with our clients, we save time and budget, while creating greater engagement.

Bench-marked to offer world-class customer service, Phew have developed their service offering to deliver a unique and premium experience, with wide reaching social impact.

Helping you achieve your goals

Seen as ‘disrupters’, we believe that our agile ability to embrace innovation, as well as the turbulence it creates, is key to influencing, changing and displacing established market leaders, products and collaborations.

Whether it’s just a Website or a full online Learning Management System, we can help you achieve your goals.

Our Products

Our products include a real-time Patient Discharge Management System (PDMS), an online Audit tool, a Learning Management System (LMS), an online Procedure manual and Website design and development.

For details on any of the above products, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01234 779050 or email us

We are always delighted to welcome visitors to our offices, so if you are passing, do feel free to drop in at any time.