Latest Product updates go live today

Date: Tuesday, 31st Mar 2020 | Category: Support and training

Given the COVID-19 situation this month’s update is focused on what we’ve been doing to support you with your immediate needs, as well a number of planned releases, the highlights:

Learning management system:

  • On screen message to give COVID-19 update to your delegates.
  • Upcoming Occurrences Report.
  • Advanced Administration delegate search.
  • Website publish dates updates.
  • Line Manager and Finance contact updates for DNA.


  • Filtering by organisation type within reports.
  • Filtering on submission status.
  • Log of which users have logged in.


  • Email update system (N.B.This is a paid for option) to send update notifications as a newsletter.


  • Newsletter management system (N.B.This is paid for option) to build and  send newsletters.