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Safeguarding Audit System

A sector-leading flexible Online Audit System

Having worked with the safeguarding sector since 2007, Phew understands the specific needs and challenges faced by Children and Adult Boards or Partnerships, as well as Multi-Academy Trusts, Children’s Services, and Sports Associations.

Pooling our knowledge gained through our close client relationships, we have developed a credible and time-saving integrated Audit System suitable for any type of local or regional safeguarding audit, including Sections 11 and 175.

National Safeguarding Audit Survey

Phew conducted a nationwide survey on children’s safeguarding auditing, inviting children and joint safeguarding partnerships to provide their insights. The survey delved into key aspects, including the frequency of Section 11, Section 157/175, and Case Audits, the tools used for distribution and analysis, and the primary challenges faced.

Read the National Safeguarding Audit Survey report here

Features of the system include:

  • A central hub for safeguarding governance
  • Standardisation of data and action plans
  • Flexible question formats with smart features for different sectors
  • ‘Stop and save’ functionality to allow users to complete audit at own pace
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Phew Audit System

Safeguarding reporting

Detailed automated reports provide an overview of actions taken at an audit, organisation type and respondent level, including a visual spider-gram to compare self-assessment rating versus Board rating. Trends can also be easily identified through reports which can highlight any issues which need to be addressed. 

The system’s comprehensive reports promotes high standards of safeguarding work and fosters a culture of continuous learning, improvement, and opportunity for challenge process across the organisation.

Explore the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to find quick answers and helpful information about the Audit System.

Key features our clients love

Audits demo

Report example

Audits demo

Audits demo

Save time and money

Saves time and money

A highly configurable system that is efficient and easy to use for both administrators and users, allowing you to get on with more meaningful work.

ReportingReporting made easy

Automated reports provide an overview of each organisation’s actions and progress. View reports by organisation, total started/not started, total completed etc.

Question typesFlexible questions

Multiple question formats. No-hassle amendments to questions when needed. Sector-specific questions can be restricted by respondents’ organisation type.

Custom pricingCustomised pricing

The system offers flexible cost ranges suitable for all Boards, Partnerships and Multi-Academy Trusts. Pricing models can be adapted to work around specific requirements.

Stop and saveEnhanced usability

‘Stop and Save’ functionality offers users more flexibility to complete the survey questions at their own pace before submitting the final version.

ComplianceRegulatory compliance

This proven system is regulated, tested and purpose-built for Sections 11 and 175 audit compliance and supports both children and adult safeguarding requirements.

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Staffordshire Families and Communities

The Audit System has helped our organisation improve best practice. It’s been great to see the school action plans. The schools love being able to upload a plan and add evidence too. Using an electronic audit platform means we can collect and collate intelligent information from all the schools easily.

Schools Improvement Liverpool

The email tracking has been very helpful for knowing when schools have received the information and being able to share that with them. Feedback from schools has generally been very positive. One head said how simple and useful the system was and how helpful it was being able to see where the gaps were in their compliance/documentation.

Dudley Safeguarding People Partnership

It was evident from the moment we engaged with Phew that as sector specialist, they understood the day-to-day challenges we face as a Partnership. With their approach of working with the sector to design systems, we quickly saw the potential of the Audit system for both our stakeholder and internal team.

Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership

Using the Phew Audit System has reduced the resources required, both to deliver the audit by the business support team and to contribute to the audit by partner agencies, which is much appreciated by everyone where resources are limited and often stretched.