Here are some of our most frequently asked Audit System questions and their answers which you may find helpful. If you do however need any further information, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to or phoning 01234 779050.

The Phew Audit System offers a user-friendly and customisable solution to streamline your auditing processes. With adaptable templates, intuitive interfaces, and robust reporting tools, it enhances operational efficiency and facilitates informed decision-making. Integration options ensure compatibility with your existing workflows, making it a seamless addition to your business operations. Positive user feedback underscores its reliability and effectiveness, and the system’s compliance features can assist your organisation in improving regulatory standards.

The pricing is based on how many responses you receive to your audits. Therefore, it’s not priced per audit, but by the number of responses started.

There are no hidden costs for the system as support, hosting and compliance are included in the license fee. Within the initial set-up fee, we include training for up to four members of staff which is delivered online.

Once procurement or contracts are in place, it usually takes between four to eight weeks to implement a system; this range usually is only affected by the availability of client’s teams.

Yes, the system is accessible for a wide range of users. It meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, which are widely considered the standard for web accessibility. The LMS also supports GDPR legislation with several customisable features. These are agreed upon during the implementation process supported by Phew.

System support is included in the license. Therefore, all clients get unlimited support for the system administrators that Phew have trained. We include training for up to four users online as part of initial implementation. This can be extended as part of contract negotiations.

The system allows you to hide questions or sections within the audit based on specific organisation types (which you define), so it allows you to have a single audit for reporting, but flexibility within it.

Whilst many of our clients use the system to conduct Section 175 or Section 11 audits, it is also a system where you can set your own questions. So yes, based on your questions it can be completely compliant with the latest KCSIE or any other compliance.

Yes. Our system generates an action plan based on the audit results, which can be used to address any areas of improvement. This can be reported on for by the responding organisation, and the audit administrator can review it per question for each submission, as a consolidated plan for each submission and as a whole cohort report.

Each school within a MAT will have a separate account. The Phew Audit System is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Trust’s performance, allowing for easy comparison and identification of trends.

The Phew Audit System is adaptable to changing or amending questions. Admin users can make amendments until the audit has begun to be completed. After that point, only Phew can make changes, but the team is happy to help with this as required.

There is a comprehensive reporting suite within the system that allows detailed analysis.

The system allows you to print the whole audit or a section as well as displaying it on screen. The system also offers the ability to download the audit as a PDF for both those responding (during and after completion), as well as audit administrators. All reports can be printed online, but the system offers download options too.

Yes. The system sends audit invites, and you can control reminders within the system to automatically send on your desired timeline.

Phew is very happy to support tendering processes. However, we are also keen to work with clients to find alternative procurement methods.