Client Care Policy

At Phew we aim to provide world-class customer service and place the client at the heart of everything we do. In line with our main guiding principle, to commit and deliver with integrity, our staff are dedicated to exceeding standards of customer care through continuous improvement and close collaboration with our clients.

To provide the best level of client care we promise to:

  • Be honest, understanding and approachable at all levels of client communication
  • Explain any technical aspect of work in clear English, ensuring both parties have a full understanding of any agreement made
  • Attend all meetings on time, prepared with relevant documents and equipment, dressed in a professional manner
  • Respect client confidentiality for all information we receive during the project process, with full adherence to GDPR regulations
  • Be efficient, precise and effective during all aspects of the project
  • Ensure all projects are completed to meet both industry and client standards
  • Assign each project an Account Manager and Project Manager to ensure professional project management at all stages
  • Follow all elements of our quality assurance process
  • Meet agreed deadlines and inform the client of key milestones (to be agreed with client)
  • Listen to client feedback and use it to constructively improve our processes
  • Maintain client contact after project completion to suggest new products or services that could benefit them
  • Apologise, give a full explanation and rectify the situation when an error occurs
  • Aim to respond to all calls, emails, messages and any other communication as promptly as possible
  • Be as helpful as possible when a query is raised and if we cannot assist, we will find a member of staff who can
  • Any verbal discussions regarding any future, ongoing or past projects will be documented and emailed for confirmation, this includes communication via phone and email
  • Log any calls or meetings on our internal system under the relevant account, opportunity or project with notes so all communication is documented

This policy is communicated and understood within the company and is reviewed periodically to ensure it remains suitable for our needs.

Salma Miah
Business Support Manager
Issued: 23rd August 2022