Three top reasons why we wanted to work with the Making Me charity

Date: Wednesday, 18th Nov 2020 | Category: General

Earlier this month we finished creating a new website for Bedford-based charity, Making Me as part of us giving back. And it was such an enriching experience for us, we really wanted to share a bit about this charity, the great work they do and how much we enjoyed working with them.

Making Me logoMaking Me – which came to light for the Phew team after they visited our MD Matthew’s children’s school – aim to support pre-school and primary aged children with emotional wellbeing and emotional literacy. Something even more vital than ever at the moment.

There are so many reasons we wanted to work with this charity and to provide them with a new website. And so many reasons we feel their work in our community is important. But we thought we’d just give you our top three:

  1. Their Mission! Making Me’s mission is to give children the power to thrive. They do this by working alongside schools, to equip children and young people with the skills and understanding to proactively navigate their mental and emotional journey through childhood and into adulthood. With lots of young families here at Phew, we all understand how important this mission is, especially in the middle of a pandemic. We also felt it aligned with our Phew vision of empowerment and support.
  2. Their goal! Making Me’s goal is to provide a platform of learning whereby youngsters can build resilience, understand and communicate their emotions, embrace their mental wellbeing and make informed choices about the person they want to become. They do this through a whole school approach, starting with an introductory workshop for all school staff, as well as a literacy programme for children and workshops for parents. So, everyone in the school community is included.
  3. Their Team! Led by Liz Fordham, Founder and Chief Executive, the team are so passionate about what they do and work extremely hard to make their vision a reality. It was truly inspiring to see. And an enjoyable challenge to create a website that truly reflects the charity, showcases their work, provides important information and is easy to use.

Phew MD Matthew Burgess explained: “I initially met the Making Me charity through their support of my children’s school. The concept and values they presented I immediately warmed to, really understood the value they delivered supporting children to build resilience from an early age.

“After meeting Liz Fordham the founder and chief exec, hearing her vision and passion, it was obvious to me this was an opportunity for Phew support Making Me, as there were some key synergies between their challenges and our vision.

“We’ve since been able of work with them to deliver a new website, and are working with them on delivering a learning management system and online auditing tool.”

You can find out more about Making Me, what they do, where they visit and the charity’s missions and goals on the new Making Me website.