Online course bookings through our Learning Management System (LMS) up by 140%

Date: Wednesday, 09th Dec 2020 | Category: General

We all know that we are becoming more of an online society, especially at the moment. And our job here at Phew is to make that online experience better, easier, and more streamlined for our clients and their stakeholders.

One way we are doing that is through our Learning Management System (LMS). And the results we have seen for the increased usage of this over the past five years have been astounding.

Stats on paper and hand with writting padSince 2017, there has been a whopping 185% increase in people booking their professional courses through our LMS.

And in the last year, there has been a drop in face-to-face bookings by almost half and online bookings are up by 140%.

With the biggest increase, not surprisingly, of 190% from April 2019 to April this year.

Matthew Burgess, Phew MD, said: “With the obvious challenges this year, we’re so proud of being a client focused company and always strive to ensure the tools our clients need are there for them when they need them.

“Our approach of offering a platform which delivers the right solutions has really come into its own this year. And seeing the Learning and Development growth over the past few years – and especially seeing it pivoting over the last nine months with clients – has been incredibly rewarding.”