PA to our MD Salma Miah celebrates a year at Phew

Date: Monday, 14th Dec 2020 | Category: General

Salma Miah, PA to Phew MD Matthew Burgess, has just celebrated her year anniversary as part of the Phew team.

So, we thought we’d take the time to ask her how the first year as gone, some of her highlights of 2020 and what she has planned for next year.

Salma MiahWhy did you decide to join the Phew team a year ago?

Salma: When I first met Matthew, I knew Phew was the place for me. He radiated with passion every time he spoke, and I knew then I wanted to work alongside this person and add the strategic value he required to make a real difference.

How have you found the past year?

Salma: It is a pleasure working with a team who strives to always deliver their very best. A year has passed so quickly, and I cannot believe I still wake up every Monday morning excited to go to work!

I believe my experience with Calendar Management (also called playing Tetris!) has proactively shaped the team structure, working closely within SMT to ensure we make the best use of all our skillsets. Although I am open to ideas of how to find an additional 24 hours in a day for Matthew!

What are your highlights from the past year?

Salma: I think my most significant achievement since starting at Phew has been working with the Client Service Team to launch our new Support Ticketing System. This has had incredibly positive results and feedback from our clients has been fantastic.

What have been the challenges?

Salma: Even through the challenges this year, we have grown so much. Working remotely has been difficult for everyone in many ways, trying to find new ways to engage the team. However, we have achieved amazing results and with our robust induction process, we are now in a place where we are able to welcome new starters to the team remotely.

What are you looking forward to over the next 12 months?

Salma: We are now looking across the channels for an integrated new billing system, which I’m looking forward to helping to implement. I love that we are always finding ways to continuously improve here at Phew, no matter what!