What does our Vision mean to us?

Date: Monday, 11th Jan 2021 | Category: General

The new year is a time when many of us begin to think about our vision of our lives in the future. And here at Phew, we are no different.

That is why this week, we put our heads together as a team (virtually, of course) and spoke about what our vision means to us individually.

Here’s what the team had to say:

    • We want to ‘Wow’ our clients.
    • They know we’re dependable.
    • We are not faceless, despite the great systems we are evolving.
    • We are passionate.
    • We listen to clients and find out how we can help.
    • Remember our people are our greatest assets.
    • We are not just be a third party to clients, but an extension of their team.
    • Anticipate the needs of our client.
    • Continue to collaborate.
    • Strengthen our standing as sector specialists.
    • Continue to save lives through our products.

Over the Christmas break, Matthew our MD asked Annie (aged 6 ¼ – she’s told us to mention that bit), one of our youngest team members what Daddy did. And here’s what she had to say about it.

What became clear from this list – and from what Annie had to say about it – is that our vision for the future is strongly centred around our clients and how we can continue to support them in to make a real difference.