How to split an online course into several smaller virtual courses on our LMS

Date: Wednesday, 20th Jan 2021 | Category: General

Lots of our Clients have told us that rather than delivering a whole day course online, they are splitting them into a number of smaller virtual sessions. Making them much easier to manager for both the course leader and the attendees.

But the question is, how do you do this through our Learning Management System (LMS) without creating a number of different courses?

Well, it’s simple really. Every time you create a new occurrence, you have the ability to add multiple dates. Which works perfectly if you have the same attendees booking one course over split over a number of days.

To the person creating the course on the LMS, it will look like this [see image below]. You just need to add the dates and times of each split section of the course.

Demo of how to split a course on LMS

And to the attendees booking the course, it will look like this [see image below]. They only need to book the once for both dates.

Demo of how to split a course on LMS

If you need more help, or don’t quite understand, just give us a call on 01234 779050 or email and we will run through it with you.