Sometimes you just have to take time with the team to talk about ‘whatever’

Date: Wednesday, 20th Jan 2021 | Category: General

Like a lot of people, the Phew team have been missing the social interaction of working together in the office.

Whatever Wednesday LogoWorking from home definitely has its benefits (and is vital at the moment, of course), but it can also be lonely and isolating – especially for new team members. No chats in the kitchen. Not banter across the computer. No catch up on your weekend, or advice on what outfit to wear (Matthew is always asking that one). It’s hard to get to know each other virtually.

So, we decided enough is enough. And today launched our Whatever Wednesday. A weekly virtual cuppa and catch up for the team, where the only rule is we can talk about ‘whatever’ as long as it’s not work. Oh, and we have to have our cameras switched on.

WW screen shotThe team have even been given their own Whatever Wednesday mugs, with their names on (just in case we forget who someone is – it has been a very long time since we were all together after all).

Today’s first Whatever Wednesday went brilliantly. Just take a look at the photos below to see all the smiling faces at the end of each computer. Sometimes you just have to stop working for half an hour, and talk about, well, whatever.