Working for Phew means making a real difference

Date: Monday, 22nd Feb 2021 | Category: General

Our team tells us the two best things about working for Phew are the people they work with, and the chance to make a real difference to our communities. That’s because, for us, it is all about making those positive changes to our clients lives that really make things better for their stakeholders.

Our work with the health, public and safeguarding sectors has led to us developing digital solutions that action real change. But we’re not superstars. We’re just a group of people who really care about making things better for everyone.

People in an office putting hands togetherHowever, working for Phew isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. A chance to make a difference. To help hospitals discharge patients more smoothly. To help our clients deliver important safeguarding training. To allow audits to take place quicker and more efficiently. And to create websites that are easy to use, functional and look fantastic.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, we are looking for two new members to join the team. We have an opening for a Permanent Full Stack Developer and a Fixed Contract SaaS Developer.

You can find full details of these roles on our Careers page of our website.