Audits: Did you know you can collect evidence and action plans?

Date: Wednesday, 21st Apr 2021 | Category: Audits

There are many ways you can collect responses to questions through our Online Audit Tool, including collecting action plans and evidence. 

How do we do this? 

Our Audit Tool is designed so each user can tailor what response they would like to collect from each question they ask.  

There are a number of ways you can use this capability to collect action plans and evidence from your respondents. Here are our top three: 

  1. Build a simple text box
    When designing the question, add a text box called ‘action plan’. The respondent will then have to complete this, as part of the question. You can then collect this data and report on it once the question has been marked as ‘complete’ and submitted.
  2. Add a ‘work required’ option
    When creating the question, add the option to tick a ‘work required’ box. Then, add both an ‘action plan’ and ‘evidence’ box within this answer, which must be completed before the question is submitted. You are then able to report on this post submission.
  3. Ask for file evidence
    When creating the question, ask the respondent to add file evidence to the question. They then must add this document before completing the question, enabling you to collect the data post submission.

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