Audits: Did you know you can save your answers for the following year?

Date: Wednesday, 28th Apr 2021 | Category: Audits

It is important to us that we make our clients lives as easy and streamlined as possible.

And we know, having to type in the same answers, over and over again, year after year, can be time consuming and laborious.

That is why, in our online Audit Tool, your respondents can save their answers to each question, to reuse the following year. Doesn’t that sound easier!

How do we do this?

When designing your audit, you can choose to link the previous audit to the current one. This allows respondents to use previous answers from the previous year.

What if I don’t want them to use last year’s answer?

You can also make it a requirement that the respondent completes an answer again from scratch, if you don’t wish them to use last year’s answer again.

How do I link the question?

Within the individual audit management screen, you can navigate to the section to link questions.

Do you have more questions about the Phew Audit System? Or are you interested in it for your organisation?

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