Our top six LMS features of the past year

Date: Wednesday, 07th Apr 2021 | Category: LMS

woman smiling in front of laptopWe are immensely proud of our Learning Management System (LMS) here at Phew. This intuitive solution can now do so much around booking and reporting, and we are always improving it wherever we can.

In the past 12 months we have added some excellent features, as well as discovering some new ways of doing things in a year that has been like no other.

So, we thought we’d do a roundup of our six top features on our LMS over the last year.

  1. LMS Evaluation Tool
    This great tool automatically reports the learning gains from pre to post course, allowing you to report how effective the training really is.
  2. Annual Training Reports
    Our LMS produces automated training reports that cover every aspect needed by organisations for their annual reports.
  3. Multi-agency Training
    You can deliver your course to different delegates from a variety of agencies through our LMS.
  4. Split Online Courses
    You can split online courses across multiple dates, allowing you to create a number of smaller, bites-sized courses. Perfect for our current online world.
  5. Multi-Report Search
    This function allows you to search for reports from multiple organisations all in one go. You search by organisational type – for example NHS trust, local authority, police – and then select the organisations you require reports from. You will then receive a combined result for all the organisations you selected.
  6. Adding external courses
    You can add external courses to your LMS, meaning your stakeholders can book externally through your system.

You can read more about all these features on the News page of our website. Or to find out more about our LMS email hello@phew.org.uk or call us on 01234 779050.