20 Years of Phew – Blog by Matthew Burgess

Date: Tuesday, 18th May 2021 | Category: General, Phew news, The Phew Team

This week we are celebrating a huge milestone here at Phew – 20 years since we launched.

On May 18, 2001, we officially opened our doors for the first time in a small room in my grandparents’ house.

We had one team member (me), one client (solicitors Parrott and Coales) and a plan to make some truly inspiring websites and systems that would change lives.

Twenty years on, and we now have a fantastic team of 10, great premises in Bedford Technology Park and we are doing what I originally set out to do, and so much more.

I was recently asked how Phew compares then to now, and I have to say it’s like night and day. It’s fairly safe to say I didn’t have a plan 20 years ago. I was driven by a concept of being able to listen to clients and deliver exceptional service, which is where the name Phew partly came from. Also, for those who haven’t heard the story… Matthew Philip Burgess.

I’m so proud of what we do day-to-day to help our clients. Knowing our products help Health and Safeguarding organisations be more efficient, by managing processes that unlock data and improve outcomes, still drives me every minute of every day.

So, I just wanted to say thank you to all our clients and team, past and present, who have made the last 20 years pretty amazing.

Phew MD and founder