How we prevent Duplicate Delegates in our LMS

Date: Wednesday, 05th May 2021 | Category: LMS

There’s nothing more annoying than a ‘Duplicate Delegate’ – when someone is registered twice in a system.

It can lead to inaccurate reports, overbooked events and general frustration for administrators. That is why our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to stop this happening as much as possible.

How does our LMS do this?

Our LMS prevents duplicate delegates through a mixture of automatic system actions and actions carried out by the administrator.

To make it easier to understand how both these actions work, we created the below diagram.

It also explains how our intuitive system manages the registration process, handles forgotten passwords, notifies administrators about potential duplicate delegates and merges records – all to prevent duplicate delegates.

In blue are the changes we at Phew do systematically. And those items in purple are the actions a client needs to undertake as part of the process.

What is a Primary Email Address and a Secondary Email Address?

A primary email address is the main email address a delegate uses for communication. This is also the delegates LMS username.

A secondary email address is the additional email address a delegate used to create a secondary account. Once the delegate has set their primary email address, they cannot then log in via the secondary email.

How exactly does the LMS stop duplicate delegates occurring?

There are a number of steps carried out by our LMS to try and stop duplicate delegates occurring. These are as follows:

  1. When a delegate registers, they will be asked to insert their email address and password twice, to ensure no typing errors or mistakes are made.
  2. If the password they enter does not have enough characters, an advisory message will appear asking them to enter more letters or numbers.
  3. If a delegate who already has an account enters an email address that has been already registered, they are alerted with a message.
  4. The System then shows the obscured primary email address which the delegate would have to confirm.
  5. When confirmed, a reset password link is sent to the delegate.

What happens if you receive an email notification about merging delegates?

Once you merge two delegates, the system will take the two records and creates a new, single delegate record.

It also remembers the other email addresses, so they can’t register again using the other emails. The new delegate record will have all bookings and evaluations from both accounts.

Still looking for further information?

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