Our new Active Patient Dashboard makes everything ‘so much easier’

Date: Wednesday, 26th May 2021 | Category: PDMS

Two months ago, we launched our new Active Patient Dashboard in our Patient Discharge App. And the positive response we have had from our clients has been overwhelming.

The new dashboard shows you everything you need to know about active patient’s discharge status in one place, and is available on all devices.

One client explained: “The dashboard provides a single-view snapshot, showing all the crucial and necessary data. This allows us to effectively facilitate safe and timely discharges and monitor, escalate and solve any blockages preventing discharge.”

The dashboard is split into 10 sections, which includes links to other reports, length of stay, patient flags and much more.

Another client said: “The dashboard has made it so much easier to instantly see the status quo in real time.

“It helps us to monitor the number of patients going on each pathway, number of patients waiting, length of stay, etc.

“It also helps the Trust report the numbers of patients that are medically optimised for national reporting.”

You can read more about the dashboard in our New Active Patient Dashboard Phew News Article.

Or to talk to the team, email hello@phew.org.uk or call 01234 779050.