How many forms can you have in our Audit tool?

Date: Tuesday, 22nd Jun 2021 | Category: Audits

There is a very simple answer to this question – as many as you like. When we designed our Audit tool, we worked directly with our clients to make it as flexible and transparent as possible. And, as part of that, the number of forms you can have within it is endless really.

How this makes your life easier

As an Audit Admin User, you can create a form whenever you need one. You can then use these pre-created forms within different audit groups, changing them to suit each particular respondent group by hiding particular sections or questions.

This means you can have a number of forms that are appropriate for different groups, as well as having different forms for different audits. Simply delete or add questions or sections to the form as needed.

All this is designed to make your life easier, as you don’t have to keep redesigning the wheel. Instead, you can use forms you already have created, just slightly adjusted.

How this impacts your licences

How many licences you use is based on how many responses you receive, not how many forms you have. So, for every response you receive equates to one licence used. That means having more forms doesn’t mean you will necessarily use more licences, unless it creates more responses.

For example, you could have the following:

  • Audit 1 (1 form) has 20 responses from organisations = 20 Licences
  • Audit 2 (1 form) has 10 responses from organisations = 10 Licences

Therefore, in total, 30 licences would have been used.

However, you could also have the following:

  • Audit 1 (1 form) has 30 responses from organisations = 30 Licences

Therefore, in total, 30 licences would also have been used.

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