How occurrences work on the Learning Management System

Date: Friday, 19th Nov 2021 | Category: How to, LMS

At Phew we understand the importance of being able to work efficiently and minimise time spent carrying out repetitive work, so there is a handy feature you can use when creating an occurring event on the Learning Management System (LMS) meaning that you don’t have to fill in the same information repeatedly, even if it is taking place on multiple dates or different locations.

Here is a step-by-step guide to adding an occurrence.

How to add an occurrence

To be able to add an occurrence, you will need to create an event within Events Management, by selecting Add Event.

Once you have filled in your event details, you will then be able to enter the Event Occurrences. If this is an event that has already been created select Event Occurrences.

  • Click the Add Occurrence button.
  • Location: choose the location from the drop-down list.
  • Payment Group: choose the payment group from the drop-down list this may not be applicable to certain LMS.

Locations and Payment Groups pages must both be set up before the event can be created.

  • Places: enter the number of places there are for the event, e.g. 20 places.
  • Places Left: if any places have already been taken or reserved, reduce that quantity off the total amount of places entered above and put that figure in here, e.g. if there are 20 places available and 5 already reserved then type in 15.
  • Reserved: enter the number of places that are reserved in here. At the bottom of this section will show who you can restrict. You must set up your Organisation Types and or Type Categories if applicable to your LMS.
  • Trainer: type in the Trainer’s name.
  • Comment: this free text area is for any additional comments you would like to enter. These are internal notes and will not be published.
  • Website Published Date: this is where you can decide when the occurrence is published to the website. This field is also used by the event demand report. This is displayed on the main events page and shows either a tick if published or the date of when it will be published to the site.
  • Time Type: select the type of event by time using the drop-down menu.

Dates and Times

When adding dates and times it is important to bear in mind that for the delegate to complete the course, they will need to attend all the dates of the certain occurrence.

In the image below the delegate would need to attend the course on the 25th July, 26th July and 27th July to complete the course. This is not to be confused with these being three separate events.

To be able to create separate events you will need to scroll to the top and select Add Occurrence to create a separate one. The image below would mean they would need to attend 25th July 2021 to complete the course.

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