New reports available in Phew’s patient discharge app

Date: Tuesday, 23rd Nov 2021 | Category: General

We are delighted to announce the launch of nine cutting-edge reports which are now available in our Patient Discharge Management System (PDMS), to allow a more effective discharge of hospital patients.

The pioneering patient discharge app which was created by Phew in 2018 provides a central store of patient data and delivers real time discharge status reporting down to an individual bed and patient level. It enables more efficient discharge pathway management and reduces the risk of complex discharges.

In November 2020 we were awarded a substantial grant from the Sustainable Innovation Fund to support updates to the app and this included the creation and enhancement of a number of these reports. The reports provide stakeholders outside the hospital the ability to securely see bed statuses within their area, whilst protecting patient data.

All of the new reports aside from Reason to Reside display historic data so they have the ability to show trends over a time frame.

A summary of each report is below:

Ward changes report

The ability to report on the number of ward changes per month historically. The number of ward changes during a month.

Discharges Per Day

The number of discharges which take place per month, as well as the average discharges per day over any time period.


The number of patients marked with a delay during a given month broken down by local authority, showing the number of patients totals and status totals.

Discharge Risk
A new field labelled Discharge Risk has been applied to Patient Flags. Every patient can now be assigned a discharge risk by nature of having a flag set. This report is a pre-emptive tool to support understanding discharge right whilst patients are still medical.

Length of Stay (LoS)

Shows the average length of stay for the last month, last three months, last six months and within a custom timeframe. This report also includes as a % the number of patients with no reason to reside vs those that are medical.

Super Stranded

A report to show when a patient has had a length of stay over 21 days over any time period, comparing against the average super stranded days and total average LoS. This report also shows the averages for super stranded, not super stranded and the totals for the total time period selected.

Reason to Reside

Reason to reside categories can be selected for a patient and the report shows how many active patients have been assigned against each of these categories.

Additionally, two reports were created for and funded by community settings: Bed Tracking and Bed History. These are only applicable if turned on within the system and they allow beds to be categorized accordingly, showing both a current view of beds as well as a history of what they were classed as every Sunday evening.

Matthew Burgess, Managing Director of Phew, commented: “Having the opportunity to further harness the data we store with both real time and trend reporting has been fantastic as it has allowed us to create intelligent reports which are proving to be invaluable for users.”

To find out more about the reports available in the Patient Discharge Management System, please get in touch via email or call 01234 779050.