Reports updated in Phew’s Learning Management System to highlight booking misuse

Date: Monday, 29th Nov 2021 | Category: General

We know that as a Learning Management System (LMS) admin user, it is important to be able to have access to as much information as possible when viewing bookings so you can make sure delegates registering are eligible to access the course. That’s why we’ve enhanced some of the reports in the system by introducing further fields to the Booking Attendance Report and eLearning Summary Report, as well as updates to the delegate search.

On the Booking Attendance Report and eLearning Summary we’ve added the ability to search by:

  • Booking Date From
  • Booking Date To
  • Registration Date From
  • Registration Date To

This means you are now able to view how many registrations or bookings have been made within a specific date range and check whether the number of these are in line with what you expect.

If there is an unusually high number of bookings, then you can look at who the delegates are and contact them directly to clarify if they work within the correct geographical location and close their account if not. This helps to ensure that licenses are not being used up incorrectly and that the training funds are allocated to permitted delegates in the area.

Please note that the eLearning fields won’t show if you don’t use that area of the system.

The new columns in the delegate search show the total number of event bookings and total number of eLearning bookings per delegate, plus you can also search by registration dates, so this is another way to see if there is an unusually high number of bookings by viewing the delegates themselves.

We hope you find this article useful, but if you’d like any further clarification then please do get in touch by sending an email to