ICON course available for Learning Management System

Date: Tuesday, 29th Mar 2022 | Category: Client, Safeguarding

Dudley Safeguarding People Partnership has developed an eLearning course in collaboration with ICON, which is a programme that provides information for professionals and parents about infant crying and how to cope. This course is available for commission on the Learning Management System (LMS) so other Phew safeguarding clients can offer it to delegates in their area.

The idea for the ICON programme and the different interventions within it was conceived by Dr Suzanne Smith PhD following a trip to the USA and Canada in 2016 which included the study of effective interventions and research into the prevention of Abusive Head Trauma (AHT).

Research suggests that some lose control when a baby’s crying becomes too much. Some go on to shake a baby with devastating consequences.  Dr Smith found that the most effective evidence-based programmes studied provide a simple message that supports parents/care givers to cope with infant crying. Apart from preventing AHT, most people who have ever cared for a baby appreciate some advice about how to comfort a crying baby and how to cope when it goes on for a long time.

ICON stands for:

I – Infant crying is normal

C –Comforting methods can help

O – It’s OK to walk away

N – Never, ever shake a baby

You can find out more about ICON by visiting their website here: https://iconcope.org/about-icon/

If you would like to offer this course on your LMS eLearning module then please get in touch with ICON by emailing info@iconcope.org. If you have any other questions, then we are happy to help. Just email hello@phew.org.uk or phone 01234 779050.