Phew’s Section 175 online audit tool

Date: Tuesday, 22nd Mar 2022 | Category: Audits

Our clients tell us how vital it is for them to have the ability to easily correlate insights into what is working well, and where there are trends of opportunity for improvement in local safeguarding arrangements and practice when administering Section 175 audits. They need an auditing solution that not only delivers the flexibility and integration required, but also insightful reports and action plans to work with in the future, to ensure children and young adults are protected from harm.

Phew’s Audit System is purpose-built for supporting safeguarding teams with conducting Section 175 audits. It is a transparent system that’s easy to use and accessible to all levels of computer competency. Proven to save time and money, it’s an online-based system that allows respondents to be emailed their required audit, along with all follow-up communications, including reminders and confirmations.

The system offers flexible multiple question and response options which can be tailored for each audit, including the choice of asking for evidence, action points and rating charts.

Detailed automated reports provide an overview of actions taken at an audit, organisation type and respondent level, including a visual spider-gram to compare self-assessment rating versus Board rating. Trends can also be easily identified through the reports which can highlight any issues which need to be addressed.

Depending on the complexity of the audit, it may not be possible for it to be completed in one go. Phew’s audit tool offers a ‘Stop and Save’ functionality for respondents who are unable to complete it in one sitting.

This also ensures that all the responses which are relevant the following year are saved, so the respondent doesn’t have to start from scratch when the next audit is due to be done.Further highlights of the tool are that it integrates seamlessly with existing systems, is responsive on all devices, and it can be fully branded to assimilate an organisation’s image.

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