Celebrating 21 years of Phew

Date: Wednesday, 25th May 2022 | Category: Phew news, The Phew Team

May 2001 – an iconic time when ‘It’s raining men’ by Geri Halliwell was topping the music charts, ‘The Mummy Returns’ was the box office smash, and Matthew Burgess officially started Phew.

Matthew originally set out to create websites and digital products which would truly change lives and 21 years later, Phew is doing exactly that, and so much more. It is an established and innovative technology company with a fantastic team of 9, great office premises at Bedford Technology Park and inspirational clients across the UK.

Matthew BurgessTo celebrate this amazing achievement, we thought we’d ask Matthew to tell us a bit more about his role and what it’s really like working at Phew:

What does a typical day at Phew look like for you?

My days are varied, and whilst I like to maintain control of my day, my focus is supporting the team and making sure I’m ready for any client meetings and product demos.

What do you like best about working at Phew?

I love the positive impact of our work, and I’m lucky as I get to see this feedback directly from clients. This is followed closely by supporting and watching our team develop.

What are you excited about for the future at Phew?

The challenge we have is that there are so many ideas, but not enough time. We’re very lucky to have a cohort of clients that love to collaborate and our success is driven by this.

One piece of advice for anyone who wants to join the team

Matthew is always right… Obvious facts aside, set realistic expectations and over deliver.

What is a stand out memory from work?

My favourite meetings are the focus groups of initial demos when you want people see the art of the possible. I get such a buzz from these, I’d do these all days long if I could.

Three words to describe Phew

Innovative, teamwork and client-focused.

What are you doing when you’re not working? 

Other than spending as much time as I can with my children, I play club tennis and enjoy woodwork when time allows.


Phew is in an exciting stage of growth and we love to hear from individuals who believe in our ethos. If you’d like to express interest in joining the team, then please visit this page on our website for more information:  https://www.phew.org.uk/why-phew/careers