SCORM is now live on the Phew Learning Management System!

Date: Friday, 20th May 2022 | Category: New Features, Phew news

The team have been working hard behind the scenes to build and implement a fantastic new feature called SCORM on the Learning Management System (LMS). This can simplify how our clients provide course content to delegates and we are delighted to announce that it is now live on the system!

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, and is a set of technical specifications which provide a common approach to how eLearning content is developed and means courses can be shared easily across multiple platforms.

Online courses which are SCORM compliant will offer admin users the ability to quickly add content to the Phew system, creating a broader variety of courses to offer delegates.

  • There will be improved cost-effectiveness as there will no be additional cost for integrating external courses and it will reduce time spent creating courses internally.
  • Delegates will benefit from new engaging and interactive content.
  • It allows enough flexibility to create a variety of content to cater to individual or organisational needs.


If you are a Phew client and would like to discuss this further then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if would like to find out more about our LMS, then drop us an email at or phone 01234 779050.