New features on Phew’s Learning Management System

Date: Monday, 08th Aug 2022 | Category: LMS, New Features

The team has been busy behind the scenes working hard to continue making the Learning Management System (LMS) as easy and intuitive to use for both you and your end users. We are pleased to tell you that the below new features are now live.

Improved prerequisite events

Prerequisite events were set up so you could associate a single event or eLearning course to another event or eLearning course, along with a period of time. Delegates wishing to book would need to have completed the aforementioned prerequisite in the time frame given before they could book. For example, this was used in course levels, where you needed to have completed level one of a course to book onto level two.

The new update allows you to pick as many prerequisites as you wish, and this is made even more flexible with the new and/or feature. For example, you can state that a delegate needs to have completed ‘Course one’ OR ‘Course two’ to book, or you could state that a delegate needs to have completed ‘Course one’ AND ‘Course two’ to book. You can also chain these rules so you could state that a delegate needs to have completed ‘Course one’ and ‘Course two OR ‘Course one’ and Course three’.

If an Event or eLearning course has prerequisites, these are now sign posted upon booking with links to what is required. Any previous prerequisites have been moved over to the new rules system and will work as before.



Delegate management improvements

The LMS features a merging function to allow you to pick two delegates and merge them together if they are suspected to be the same person who has registered multiple times, in order to maintain a consistent training record.

For ease of use, this has been updated so that you can quickly seek out potential duplicate delegates using a simple search feature labelled ‘Duplicate Delegates’.




If the system finds any matches e.g. the same name and the same organisation name, then it will list them out for you to review.




Here you can simply select a primary and secondary delegate and either merge them with one click or merge them in the traditional way of choosing which fields to map across. If you feel the delegates are actually differing individuals then you can dismiss the result with no action required.

We have also improved the way merging works to give more options as to what carries across if both delegate records happen to have shared bookings on the same event. We have addressed merging delegates too soon after registration with a new feature that tracks delegates who are logged in to only allow mergers to take place once the delegate is no longer active.

Lastly, when you are notified about potential duplicate delegate registrations, the link in the email will take you to the new report for your convenience.

New administrator user levels

You can now add a new user level in the LMS called ‘eLearning Manager’ under ‘Admin Users’. If you assign this level to a user they will only be able to access the creation and editing of eLearning courses in the LMS. For example, they will not be given access to any other part of the system such as Reports of or Face to face events. This is useful should you wish to have a user of the system who is solely responsible for building eLearning courses and does not need access to anything else.

Further to this, there is another new user level in the system called ‘Reporter : Organisation Type Restricted’. This user can have multiple organisation types associated to their account.

When they login just like Learning Managers, they are restricted to what they have access too, but in this case that is the reports section of the LMS. Based on the organisation types that are assigned to them, any reports they view will be automatically filtered by those organisation types. This allows you to give a user simple reporting access to the LMS and limit the information they can access to activities of delegates of specific organisation types you have setup in the LMS e.g. Education, Police etc.

admin levels

To find out more about any of these updates, please feel free to get in touch with the team at or on 01234 779050.