Phew recommended by Virtual College to replace their discontinued Audit product

Date: Friday, 07th Oct 2022 | Category: Audits, Client

Following Virtual College’s announcement that they are retiring their audit tool next year due to a change in strategic direction, Phew is pleased to be able to offer their existing clients a credible alternative system and a smooth transition from Virtual College to Phew.

A number of Virtual College clients have already joined Phew and are successfully using the Audit System with ease. It not only delivers the flexibility and integration required, but the system is also regulated, tested and purpose-built for Sections 11 and 175 audit compliance, supporting both children and adult safeguarding requirements.

Detailed automated reports provide an overview of actions taken at an audit, organisation type and respondent level, plus a visual spider-gram to compare self-assessment rating versus Partnership rating. Trends can also be easily identified which can highlight any issues that need addressing.

Audit image

Matthew Burgess, Managing Director at Phew, commented: “I’m really proud of our Audit System and how much it has evolved over the years to suit our clients’ needs. We continue to invest in and improve the system, and are excited about some fantastic new features which the team are currently working on and will be added in the next couple of months.

“It’s been great seeing just how seamless the move has been for Virtual College clients coming to Phew and we would be delighted to welcome further organisations who need an alternate auditing tool.”

The system offers flexible cost ranges which can be adapted to work around specific requirements, as we believe that no one size fits all.

More information about the Phew Audit System can be found on our website here

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