Meet the team – Salma

Date: Friday, 20th Jan 2023 | Category: General, Staff Spotlight, The Phew Team

Salma oversees the daily operations at Phew; monitoring the performance of our systems and compliance, and supporting us all in achieving our objectives. She was promoted to Business Support Manager last year and has been ably taking it in her stride. We asked her to tell us a bit more about her role and what it’s really like working for Phew.

What does a typical day at Phew look like for you?

My role requires me to successfully collaborate with different departments and individuals to coordinate the various aspects of operations within Phew. I like to begin my day by going over my schedule to make sure I am ready for any meetings and that any prep work for those are completed. Then, I usually work through my email and begin completing priority tasks to attain the results that can help our projects moving forward. I review progress throughout the day and set up and plan for the next to keep everything on target.

What do you like best about working at Phew?

Phew invests in employees to help them grow professionally. This has meant that I’ve had the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the industry we operate in, along with advancing my skills. As a result, we as a team are motivated and proud of the work we do, making a positive impact and helping Phew grow and succeed.

What are excited about for the future at Phew?

I love that every day presents me with different challenges. I am currently working on achieving the Quality & Information Security Certification for Phew. To accomplish this, we are required to pass a three-day external audit.  This excites me, as I have been given the opportunity to further develop my skills and expertise in what is the favourite part of my role!

One piece of advice for anyone who wants to join the team

Effectively communicating is key. It promotes a positive working environment and enhances teamwork.

What is a stand out memory from work?

Before I joined Phew, I had been at my previous job for a very long time, so I was nervous about the transition. However, I remember that our Managing Director, Matthew, sent me a message saying: ‘I promise that we’ll look after you’. With those simple words, I knew instantly that I had made the right choice choosing to join Phew and that I had the continued support of an inspiring leader.

Three words to describe Phew

Creative, flexible and collaborative.

What are you doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy dining out, especially at restaurants specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, along with spending time with my children. We as a family are big fans of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Well, mostly me, so I make them watch all his movies ‘collaborating’ as a family!