New visual report available in Phew’s Audit System

Date: Sunday, 12th Mar 2023 | Category: Audits

We know that our clients find visual reports of great benefit when using their Phew system as they provide a quick overview which allows users to understand the information at a glance and interpret data in a simple way. Therefore, we are pleased to share details of a new visual report which is available in the Audit System.

Admin users now have the ability to view the Completion Summary of their audits report as a pie chart. This chart provides a visual representation of the completion status of the audits which are being undertaken, grouped by Organisation type.

This new report is based on the filter options in the Completion Summary and can be filtered by organisation type and completion percentage. As shown in the image below, the pie chart is color-coded, making it easy for users to quickly identify how far along the organisations are with completing their audit.

We are committed to placing our clients’ needs at the forefront of all decision making so if there is a report that isn’t currently in your Phew system, but you feel that it would be useful, then please do get in touch to let us know so we can develop it to your requirements. Simply email or call 01234 779050.