Website content update reminders

Date: Thursday, 23rd Mar 2023 | Category: Web Design & Development

We are excited to announce a new feature that will help our clients stay on top of their website’s content.

Fresh content not only helps with appearing high on Google search, but it also keeps visitors engaged and returning to your site for the information they need. However, we also know that with busy schedules and many competing priorities, it can be easy to forget to update your website’s content regularly.

That’s why we’ve launched content update reminders, which allow admin users to add revision dates next to content to indicate when they need to be updated. When that date approaches, an email reminder will be sent to the specified email address to let them know to update that piece of content.

Below is an example of the reminder email that is sent out:

To use this feature, simply get in touch with the team to let them know you’d like it added to your content management system by emailing Once it’s implemented, all pages will display the following fields:

Revision date (date range)

Revision note (text area)

Email address (email)

If a revision note is added, this will be included in the email reminder.

If an email address is added, this will overwrite any generic email address and the reminder email will be sent to that email.

Every month, admin users will receive a round-up of content that needs to be updated or specifying when the date is approaching.

If you have any questions or would like more information on this feature, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01234 779050 or at