Updates to the Phew Learning Management System to enhance efficiency

Date: Monday, 19th Jun 2023 | Category: eLearning, LMS

We are dedicated to continually improving our Learning Management System (LMS) and are pleased to share details of the latest updates, which are designed to enhance control, streamline processes, and deliver more robust reporting.  

Improved delegate course access control: 

We understand the importance of maintaining up-to-date course offerings and ensuring that delegates can only access active courses. With our recent update, the Delegate area in Phew LMS has been enhanced. If an eLearning course has been deactivated in the admin area of the system, delegates will no longer be able to complete the course. This improvement ensures that delegates can focus on relevant and active course content, providing a more streamlined learning experience. 

Waiting list option: 

If waiting lists are not turned on for an event on all occurrences of that event’s booking page, delegates will no longer be able to be added to the waiting list, and no waiting list will be displayed. This enhancement ensures a more accurate representation of available slots and prevents confusion for both administrators and delegates. You now have full control over waiting list functionality, tailoring it to your specific event requirements. 

Enhanced reporting with job role filtering: 

We understand that granular reporting is essential to gain valuable insights into training progress and demographics. In response to user feedback, we have introduced new functionality to enable you to filter the Booking Attendance and eLearning Summary reports by job role, as shown below: 


Now, you can easily generate reports specific to a particular job role or multiple roles, enhancing the flexibility and customisation of your report. Whether you need to assess attendance for specific roles, the new filtering feature provides you with the ability to focus on the data that matters most to your organisation. 

If you have any questions about these new updates, then feel free to get in touch with the team who will be happy to help. Please give us a call on 01234 779050 or email hello@phew.org.uk.