Payments report upgrade on Phew Learning Management System

Date: Thursday, 20th Jul 2023 | Category: LMS

We are committed to continuously enhancing our Learning Management System to provide the best possible experience for our users. We’re really pleased to announce a significant improvement that will revolutionise the way you handle payment data – our enhanced Payment History Report! With the addition of more filters, including the ability to split between event types and include or exclude cancellations, managing financial data has never been easier.

Event type filtering

You are now able to filter on the courses further by selecting from either eLearning events or face-to-face events and view the report based on the chosen course. Alternatively, you can choose to view all payments, eLearning only, or face-to-face only. This enables you to gain a clear understanding of your revenue streams and identify which events are driving the most income.

LMS event type split


You can now choose to view cancelled bookings only or exclude them in your payment report. This means you’ll have a more accurate picture of the income generated and be able to quickly understand the cost of bookings that were cancelled.

LMS cancellation

If you have any further questions about the updated payment report, then please get in touch with the team by sending an email to or phoning 01234 779050.