Moving from Excel to an online audit system saves Multi-Academy Trusts time and provides actionable insights

Date: Thursday, 11th Jan 2024 | Category: Audits, Safeguarding

Managing safeguarding across a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) can be challenging, with issues such as lack of consistency in processes between schools, insecure sharing of information, lack of access to data, and inability to easily identify performance issues.

Auditing aims to ensure school’s are meeting their statutory and regulatory obligations, but it should also enable MATs to improve best practice, share knowledge and increase effectiveness.

Conducting audits has historically been carried out using Excel, a familiar tool. However, spreadsheets require a lot of manual data entry and time-consuming tasks, and it can be difficult to gather the insight and knowledge required when it comes to reporting and monitoring safeguarding outcomes.

By digitising the audit process, MATs can not only save time, money and resources, they can also promote high standards of safeguarding work and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement – something that Excel alone is unable to do.

The Phew Audit System is the only flexible online platform that delivers an increased volume of collated, actionable response data to custom questions, unlike time-consuming spreadsheets and online survey tools.

The system not only enables MATs to reclaim valuable time by reducing manual processes, simplifying and standardising data entry and enabling fast access to information, it also allows them to gain a clear understanding of their audit landscape, which means they can prioritise tasks and identify areas for improvement.

“The Phew Audit System has revolutionised our approach to safeguarding and governance oversight. Thanks to this streamlined solution, we’ve centralised our auditing operations, which has, in turn, made data processing efficient and reduced administrative burdens.

“The system is incredibly accessible and its user-friendly interface has been well-received. Having access to standardised data enables us to track progress and make informed decisions.”

Jon Needham, Director of Safeguarding at Oasis Community Learning

Accessibility in a MAT, with geographically spread organisations, is crucial when it comes to auditing. With an online system, staff spread across different locations can contribute documentation and evidence with ease. Action plans can then be generated, giving staff the ability to review or amend the plan throughout the year.

Audit responses are consolidated into a single location, meaning it is easy to access past audits and compare results of previous years – no more multiple Excel documents to try and compare.

The Phew Audit System empowers MATs to make data-driven decisions and drive meaningful change.

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