Multi-agency training needs following major update to Working Together to Safeguard Children

Date: Friday, 05th Jan 2024 | Category: General, LMS, Safeguarding

On 15th December 2023, the first substantive update to Working Together to Safeguard Children since 2018 was published. A strong theme in the updated statutory guidance is strengthened multi-agency working, with a new chapter that emphasises that successful outcomes for children depend on strong multi-agency partnership working across the whole system.

The guidance emphasises the role of safeguarding partners in ensuring strong multi-agency safeguarding arrangements for children and families. Funding is being provided to safeguarding partnerships to help them strengthen multi-agency safeguarding arrangements, and to review and improve practices in line with the updated statutory guidance.

The updated document also states that the guidance will be reviewed on an annual cycle, informed by evidence and learning from wider children’s social care reform work.

Safeguarding practitioners will need to be prepared for the important changes that this new guidance introduces, and compliance and regulatory training will need to be undertaken by all agencies. The annual review cycle will also mean that training will need to be undertaken at regular intervals to ensure knowledge and skills are in line with any further updates.

Coordinating training in a multi-agency environment can be challenging. At Phew, we developed our Learning Management System (LMS) to address these issues and help you coordinate multi-agency safeguarding training events and courses with ease. Our LMS was specifically designed for the safeguarding community and can enhance the management of training events, offering time-saving features to streamline your training process and improve overall efficiency.

With flexible event delivery options, the automation of regular and recurring tasks, and robust end-user support, our LMS is proven to increase delegate attendance and engagement. Our platform isn’t just about completing training, but monitoring real impact and measuring learning effectiveness. Administrators can build and upload training resources, as and when Working Together is updated. This hub will be vital to keeping all agencies and practitioners up to date.

“The Phew LMS has allowed us to build an authentic learning platform which delivers and tracks learning in one place, whilst allowing us to respond quickly to organisational changes and provide in-depth analysis to partners.

“It gives us the opportunity to create and support a culture of learning with increased flexibility to meet the needs of our stakeholders, regardless of location.”

Sarah O’Brien, Senior Learning & Organisational Development Officer at Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

Our LMS enables learning and development programmes to be inclusive and cater to individual practices and needs. It supports stakeholder requirements and helps build relationships across the multi-agency partners. Additionally, it enables you to deliver training to different delegates from a variety of agencies, allowing you to assign places to different organisation types, ensuring you have an even split across the different agencies.

Via our system, we are committed to helping you focus on what matters: maintaining high safeguarding standards, ensuring multi-agency knowledge and skills, and improving outcomes.

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