Working Together to Safeguard Children update

Date: Friday, 26th Jan 2024 | Category: Audits, LMS, Safeguarding

The 2023 update to Working Together to Safeguard Children places an emphasis on the role of safeguarding partners in ensuring strong multi-agency safeguarding arrangements for children and families. Funding is being provided to safeguarding partnerships to help them strengthen multi-agency safeguarding arrangements, and to review and improve practices in line with the updated statutory guidance.

Partnerships need to assure themselves that collaboration with the various safeguarding agencies is effective and correlates with the new framework’s emphasis on multi-agency working. This includes auditing communication channels, joint decision-making processes, and shared responsibility for safeguarding children.

Safeguarding audits therefore need to place greater emphasis on evaluating how well agencies are engaging with families, understanding their needs, and providing support. Partnerships must ensure there is effective scrutiny in place for their local area, and multi-agency audits are essential to this.

Additionally, safeguarding practitioners will need to be prepared for the important changes that this new guidance introduces, and compliance and regulatory training will need to be undertaken by all agencies to ensure knowledge and skills are in line with any updates.

Recognising the need for strategic user-friendly tools, Phew understands that partnerships require effective solutions to navigate the complexities of the safeguarding landscape.

To address the challenges of coordinating multi-agency safeguarding training, Phew’s versatile Learning Management System simplifies training admin, boosts delegate attendance and engagement, improves training management, and enables data-driven decision-making for an enhanced training strategy.

For rigorous auditing processes in alignment with updated standards, Phew provides the flexible online Audit System. This system efficiently compiles actionable response data, centralising the audit process and streamlining progress tracking. Built by the sector for the sector, it caters to various safeguarding requirements, including compliance with Sections 11 and 175/157.

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