Automate learning using time-saving features on Phew’s LMS

Date: Thursday, 15th Feb 2024 | Category: LMS

Training managers within safeguarding partnerships face a complex challenge – ensuring the highest standards of training whilst navigating the intricate task of reporting on the impact on practice. The demands of overseeing training events, managing delegates, coordinating courses across multiple agencies, and evaluating the tangible effect of improving outcomes often leave professionals grappling with limited time and resources.

Recognising these challenges, the Phew Learning Management System (LMS) was specifically designed for the safeguarding community. Our aim is to enhance the management of events, offering a suite of time-saving features to streamline the process and improve overall efficiency. We’ve outlined a number of our favourites below.

Booking confirmation reminder emails

The Phew LMS supports training managers with automated reminder emails, customisable on an event-by-event basis. These reminders, sent prior to the course, eliminate the risk of oversights, ensuring that delegates are kept informed and allows training managers to focus on strategic aspects of their work. If a course is due to take place online, you can also add an online meeting link, such as Teams or Zoom, when creating or editing an event and this will be included in automated emails to delegates.

Reminder emails



The Phew LMS bridges the digital-physical gap with its Printables functionality, offering easy access to registers, sign-in sheets, and name badges. The ability to quickly download printer-friendly documents at the touch of a button enhances the preparation for face-to-face events.


Multiple occurrences

Ensuring consistent safeguarding standards involves offering regular training, with some courses being several days long. The Phew LMS makes it easy to add reoccurring events with the multiple occurrences feature which means that you don’t have to fill in the same information repeatedly, even if it is taking place on multiple dates or different locations.


Event occurrences


Delegate self-booking and certificate access

The Phew LMS enables delegates to take control of their learning journey. Delegates can book their own courses, access their certificates, and download course materials seamlessly. This self-service functionality not only enhances the delegate experience but also reduces the administrative burden on training managers. Admins, however, retain control over certificates, ensuring that they can be withheld until delegates complete post-course evaluations.


Delegate bookings


Mass delegate emails

The Phew LMS allows training managers to effortlessly contact all delegates booked on an event in one go, ensuring that critical information and updates are efficiently disseminated. The system’s ability to exclude cancelled or non-attending delegates streamlines communication.
Automated emails


Managing duplicate delegates

Recognising the importance of upholding accurate delegate details, the Phew LMS empowers administrators to easily highlight potential duplicates, and proactively maintain delegate data through efficient bulk actions.

Duplicate delegates


Instant access to reports and detailed evaluations

The Phew LMS offers instant access to detailed reports and evaluations. Training managers can delve into comprehensive analytics effortlessly, gaining insights into delegate performance, training effectiveness, and adherence to safeguarding standards. This not only saves time but also elevates the strategic decision-making process, allowing for a more proactive approach to reporting on the impact on practice.


Phew’s community built LMS is your partner in efficient, successful training. From mass delegate emails to instant analytics, its time-saving features ensure you can focus on what matters – maintaining high safeguarding standards and improving outcomes. Find out more about the LMS on our website here or get in touch by sending an email to