How does the Phew Audit System facilitate easier design and customisation of audits for sports associations?

Date: Friday, 23rd Feb 2024 | Category: Audits, Safeguarding, Safeguarding in sports

Safeguarding audits are a vital part of the process that ensures sports associations are complying with their moral and legal duty to safeguard the children and young people who take part in their activities. However, sports associations vary widely in terms of size, activities provided, number of staff, geographic locations and maturity of processes and procedures.

The audit process is therefore not one-size-fits-all. Each sports association will have different needs and requirements when it comes to audits. Many audit processes are rigid, which can be frustrating if the process doesn’t fit with your needs, or if you are trying to adapt an inflexible tool.

The Phew Audit System facilitates flexible audits that align with your culture, processes and systems. When designing and building your audit, our system includes an extensive library of templates for you to use as your starting point. However, there is also the flexibility to adapt them to suit your needs, making it the most user-friendly audit system available.

The system features multiple question formats with easy amendment options and sector-specific restrictions. For example, you can choose from single line text box answers, multiple-line answers, dropdowns (single item selection), tick boxes (multiple item selection), radio buttons, rating (RAG or numeric), evidence collections, action plans and Excel-style data entry.

For more complex audits, there are logic-based questions available, meaning questions are only revealed based on earlier responses.

This customisation is easy to do, thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive interface that requires minimal training. There is no steep learning curve, so you can hit the ground running and build an audit that is flexible and in line with your culture and procedures.

Jon Needham, Director of Safeguarding at Oasis Community Learning, said:

“The Phew Audit System has revolutionised our approach to safeguarding and governance oversight. Thanks to this streamlined solution, we’ve centralised our auditing operations, which has in turn made data processing efficient and reduced administrative burdens. 

“The system is incredibly accessible and its user-friendly interface has been well-received. Having access to standardised data enables us to track progress and make informed decisions. The system’s ability to generate actionable plans in Excel format has simplified our processes and helped us readily identify and address safeguarding and developmental needs.” 

The Phew Audit System enables sports associations to design and build their audit in a way that meets their specific requirements, with ease of use that reduces the time and effort needed to carry out these vital safeguarding audits.

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