Streamline audit processes with the Phew Audit System

Date: Tuesday, 20th Feb 2024 | Category: Audits, Safeguarding

Managing and running audits can be challenging. With limited time and resources, the audit process can feel like an overwhelming and hugely time-consuming task. Ensuring compliance with regulation and making sure all staff are trained and communicated with effectively are crucial, but these elements can be difficult to navigate.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, including Safeguarding Children and Adult Boards and Partnerships, Multi-Academy Trusts, and National Sports Associations for more than 20 years, Phew understands the challenges you face when it comes to audits.

The Phew Audit System is the only user-friendly online audit solution that gives you and your team more time back – with streamlined processes that automate the creation, gathering and reporting of data.

Removing the need for manual processes, the system enables you to focus on more meaningful tasks, rather than spending time grappling with a spreadsheet.

All audit data is kept in one easily accessible and manageable place, centralising the process and ensuring you have access to the information you need, when you need it. And you can be assured that your data is secure: we take GDPR and data security seriously and deliver over and above compliance standards, giving you peace of mind.

Do away with sending multiple emails to those completing the audit. The Phew Audit System has a mass email feature, meaning you can communicate quickly and effectively with large groups of respondents regarding your audits. There are also automated reminders that you can set to ensure follow-up is timely.

In a busy work environment, the Phew Audit System has features that will take some of the frustration out of the audit process, for example 15-minute reminders to save; ‘stop and save’ so users can complete surveys at their own pace; and mobile access so that audits can be conducted on the move.

Jon Needham, Director of Safeguarding at Oasis Community Learning, said: “The Phew Audit System has revolutionised our approach to safeguarding and governance oversight. Thanks to this streamlined solution, we’ve centralised our auditing operations, which has in turn made data processing efficient and reduced administrative burdens. 

“The system is incredibly accessible and its user-friendly interface has been well-received. Having access to standardised data enables us to track progress and make informed decisions. The system’s ability to generate actionable plans in Excel format has simplified our processes and helped us readily identify and address safeguarding and developmental needs.” 

The Phew Audit System is the online platform chosen by more than 100 clients, who have seen their audit completion rate increase by up to 120% year-on-year, and have saved on average four weeks of admin time per year.

Would you like to find out more about the Phew Audit System? We can provide a free demonstration at your convenience. Please get in touch at or telephone 01234 779050.