The importance of safeguarding audits in sport

Date: Tuesday, 13th Feb 2024 | Category: Audits, Safeguarding, Safeguarding in sports

Taking part in organised sport is fun and rewarding for children and young people, and it is vital that they are safe and looked after while participating. This means protecting them from harm and promoting their wellbeing. Sports associations must ensure they have the necessary safeguarding policies and procedures in place, and that all staff at clubs are trained and have the skills and knowledge needed to make sure children are protected.

This safeguarding responsibility is set out in the Duty of care in sport, which highlights what sports organisations needs to do to ensure they meet their moral and legal duty with regards to child safeguarding.

Auditing is a key tool for sports organisations to use to help them to assess whether they are keeping up with the latest safeguarding standards, and to help them put together an action plan for any improvements needed.

These audits often need to be carried out annually and can be time consuming, especially when there are many sports clubs within an association.

By digitising the audit process, sports associations can not only save time, money and resource, they can also promote high standards of safeguarding, help share knowledge, and foster a culture of learning and improvement.

The Phew Audit System enables sports associations to conduct their safeguarding audits with ease, and gives them peace of mind that they are they fulfilling their safeguarding requirements. It can provide a clear understanding of their current safeguarding position and help with making decisions on future plans, based on solid data, and developing action plans for ongoing improvement.

With sports sector knowledge, you can be assured that Phew will provide the service you need when it comes to auditing. We are on hand to answer with any questions and to help you put in place an audit system that meets your needs.

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