Introducing coursework for successful course completion on the Phew LMS

Date: Thursday, 14th Mar 2024 | Category: eLearning, LMS, New Features

As a course coordinator or administrator, ensuring that participants have not just attended but also actively engaged with the coursework is crucial for maintaining the integrity and value of certifications. With the latest feature update, our Learning Management System (LMS) now empowers administrators to seamlessly incorporate coursework, enhancing the certification process.

With the new functionality, you can designate certain courses as requiring coursework. This means that along with attending the course, participants will be provided with coursework to complete. This coursework serves as an essential component in the certification process, ensuring that participants have not just attended the course but have also demonstrated their understanding and application of the material.

To get started with this feature, simply log in and navigate to Site Settings:

Site Settings

Then scroll down to ‘Turn on coursework functionality’ and tick the box:


Once activated, go to Events Management and navigate to the event you’d like to apply coursework. Click the ‘Edit’ button and tick the box under ‘Require Coursework’:
Events Management


When a participant completes the coursework, you can mark them as “Coursework Completed” in the system:

Coursework Completed

This step is crucial, as it signifies that the participant has not just attended the course but has also met the additional requirements for certification. Only participants who have completed both the course and the associated coursework will receive their certificate of completion.

For any further information on this new feature, please get in touch with the team by sending an email to or phoning 01234 779050.