What to look for when selecting a Learning Management System

Date: Tuesday, 12th Mar 2024 | Category: LMS, Safeguarding

Keeping track of training, including course administration, delegate registration, sending reminders and evaluating impact, is a time-consuming task. A Learning Management System (LMS) can help save you valuable time by automating and streamlining the administrative processes involved in training management. It can also provide in-depth insight into the effectiveness of training and encourage participation in training.

But what should you look for when choosing an LMS?

An effective LMS needs to provide a central hub whereby delegate data, event booking, training resources and reporting are all in one secure location. It should enable automation of all the previously time-consuming administrative tasks, such as tracking attendance, sending booking confirmations and reminders, and issuing certifications.

What to look for when selecting a Learning Management System

To ensure success, the LMS should be intuitively designed, easy to use and accessible anywhere and on any device. It should allow delegates to easily manage their bookings and access materials. There should also be an integrated payment gateway which means the payment process is simple for users.

Importantly, the chosen LMS must be secure – there should be robust measures to safeguard sensitive training data.

Phew’s versatile Learning Management System simplifies training admin, boosts delegate attendance and engagement, improves training management, and enables data-driven decision-making for an enhanced training strategy.

Our LMS is designed to ensure easy building and uploading of training resources. It allows for quick creation of multiple event occurrences and delegate merging options. Intelligent waiting lists means last-minute training availability can be filled efficiently. It provides instant reporting and analytics, with comprehensive reports that can inform decision making.

To ensure seamless integration, the Phew LMS works well with other software systems and is adaptable to specific organisational requirements.

Knowing that the Phew LMS is reliably handling registrations, reminders, compliance tracking, and other repetitive tasks can provide peace of mind and reassurance.

“What previously took admin staff many hours of work booking attendees on events manually, they are now booked online by each participant. It enables practitioners to book training and keep track of their continued professional development. 

“Once a person has created a log-in they are able to book training as well as cancel training, and they have a record of the training they have attended.”

Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership

Our industry-leading software system is proven to save professionals time and resources, enabling you to set up, run and evaluate training events and courses; demonstrate the impact; and evaluate learners’ knowledge and confidence pre-and post-training.

To book a free online demo of our LMS at your convenience, please get in touch at hello@phew.org.uk or telephone 01234 779050.