Why do I need an LMS at my safeguarding partnership?

Date: Thursday, 28th Mar 2024 | Category: eMarketing, LMS, Safeguarding

The safeguarding policies and procedures environment is one that is continuously changing, with new guidance, both statutory and advisory, being published at regular intervals – including the latest update to Working Together to Safeguard Children, which came out in December 2023.

Safeguarding partnerships must ensure that practitioners are up to date with the latest guidance, but it can be challenging to coordinate multi-agency safeguarding training.

The administration involved in managing and overseeing training programmes is intensive and time-consuming, and it can be difficult to respond quickly to changes in guidance or to assess the impact of training programmes.

A Learning Management System (LMS) can relieve some of this pressure and enable you to focus your time and effort on other tasks. An effective LMS can save you and your team substantial time by automating and streamlining recurring, repetitive tasks, and the reducing the need to manually collate data on learning uptake and outcomes.

Phew understands that safeguarding partnerships require effective solutions to navigate the growing complexities of the safeguarding landscape. Our Learning Management System simplifies training admin, boosts delegate attendance and engagement, improves training management, and enables data-driven decision-making for an enhanced training strategy.

Our versatile LMS was specifically designed for the safeguarding community and is used and trusted by many safeguarding partnerships. It has been designed to provide a comprehensive solution for training management, self-management by delegates, and reporting. And it is proven to increase delegate attendance and engagement due to its user-friendly design, self-service features and anytime, anywhere learner access.

Phew’s LMS is constantly evolving and improving, based on user requirements. It supports content such as videos and interactive elements, and has intelligent waiting lists that helps you to fill last-minute seats quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to reporting, the well-designed dashboard provides a quick snapshot of key metrics and activities, or you can delve deeper into the analytics and pull off comprehensive reports to help with informed decision-making.

“The Phew LMS has allowed us to build an authentic learning platform which delivers and tracks learning in one place, whilst allowing us to respond quickly to organisational changes and provide in-depth analysis to partners.

“It gives us the opportunity to create and support a culture of learning with increased flexibility to meet the needs of our stakeholders, regardless of location.”

Sarah O’Brien, Senior Learning & Organisational Development Officer at Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

Our industry-leading software system is proven to save professionals time and resources, enabling you to set up, run and evaluate multi-agency safeguarding training events and courses; demonstrate the impact; and evaluate learners’ knowledge and confidence pre-and post-training.

To book a free online demo of our LMS at your convenience, please get in touch at hello@phew.org.uk or telephone 01234 779050.