How Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership enhanced their reporting on training impact and outcomes for children

Date: Wednesday, 03rd Apr 2024 | Category: LMS

Effective reporting on the impact of training on practice and outcomes for children is crucial for any organisation focused on safeguarding. Without accurate and comprehensive reporting, it becomes challenging to assess the effectiveness of training programs and initiatives.

Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (DDSCP) consists of sub-groups, including Learning and Development, which provides multi-agency training for practitioners throughout Derby and Derbyshire. However, due to the extensive geographical area, coordinating training courses across agencies became quite challenging.

Additionally, the partnership recognised the need to enhance their reporting capabilities regarding the impact of training on practice and improved outcomes for children, as this had been limited by their previous learning management system.

To address this, they adopted the Phew Learning Management System which enabled DDSCP to offer eLearning courses, increasing practitioner access and now have over 9,000 registered delegates. Detailed qualitative analysis provided to partners, alongside evaluations and insights, helps measure the impact of training on practice. This led to enhanced outcomes for children under their care.

Sarah O’Brien, Senior Learning & Organisational Development Officer at Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership, told us that:

“The Phew Learning Management System has allowed us to build an authentic learning platform which delivers and tracks learning in one place, whilst allowing us to respond quickly to organisational changes and provide in-depth analysis to partners.

“It gives us the opportunity to create and support a culture of learning with increased flexibility to meet the needs of our stakeholders, regardless of location.”

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